Book Reviews

PSQ does not accept unsolicited book reviews or book review essays. Publishers may contact our book review editors using the information listed below:

Presidency and History : Timothy Hemmis – (Texas A&M University – Central Texas, 1001 Leadership Place, Killeen, Texas 76549) (phone: 254-501-5931)

Presidency and Political Science and Law : Nancy Kassop – (Department of Political Science and International Relations, JFT 812, 600 Hawk Drive, State University of New York at New Paltz, New Paltz, NY 12561)

Presidency and Rhetoric : Wendy Weinhold – (Department of Communication, Media, and Culture, Coastal Carolina University, Brittain Hall 323, Conway, SC 29528)

Review writers, please adhere to the following formatting guidelines:

  1. Most of our readers value reviews that contain both a summary of a book’s contents and a careful assessment of the volume’s strengths, weaknesses, and contributions.
  2. Begin the review with the citation for the book being reviewed, with the title first, followed by the author, publisher, copyright date, and number of pages.
  3. End the review with your name and institutional affiliation.
  4. Include page numbers (in parentheses) for any material taken directly from the book being reviewed. Include the author, title, year, and page numbers for quotations from or references to other sources.
  5. The length of a review should be approximately 750 words for a single book or 900 words for a review essay of more than one book.
  6. Double-space everything, including the information in #2.
  7. Please send the review as an e-mail attachment in MS-Word to the specific book review editor who solicited your review (Wendy Weinhold for Rhetoric/Communication, Timothy Hemmis for History, or Nancy Kassop for Political Science/Law).
  8. The publisher (Wiley) will send a copyright form for you to sign and return to Wiley when your book review is at the production stage.