Presidential Studies Bibliography (2014-present)

The articles are organized into the following broad categories and then subdivided into more specific categories and listed by date. Some articles are cross-listed into multiple categories:

American Political Development

Bureaucracy and Management

The Comparative Presidency


Domestic Policy

The First Lady

Foreign Policy

Individual Presidents

Leadership and Unilateral Power

The Presidency and Congress

The Presidency and the Courts

The Presidency and the Law

The Presidency and Media

The Presidency and Public Opinion

Presidential Campaigns and Elections

Presidential Studies Research


Vice Presidency


Recently Added Articles:

Craig A. Kaplowitz, “The Great Repudiator and Immigration Reform: Ronald Reagan and the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986,” Journal of Policy History, Vol. 30 (Oct 2018): 635-656.

Nicholas F. Jacobs and James D. Savage, “Kennedy’s Keynesian Budgetary Politics and the 1962 Public Works Acceleration Act,” Journal of Policy History, Vol 30 (July 2018): 522-551.

Michael Lynch, Anthony Madonna, Mark Owens, and Ryan D. Williamson, “The Vice President in the U.S. Senate: Examining the Consequences of Institutional Design,” Congress & the Presidency, Vol 45 (2018): 145-165.

Matt Grossmann and Daniel Thaler, “Mass-Elite Divides in Aversion to Social Change and Support for Donald Trump,” American Politics Research, Vol 46 (Sep 2018): 753-784.

David Fortunato, Matthew V. Hibbing, and Jeffery J. Mondak, “The Trump Draw: Voter Personality and Support for Donald Trump in the 2016 Republican Nomination Campaign,” American Politics Research, Vol 46 (Sep 2018): 785-810.

James D. King, “Party Rules and Equitable Representation in U.S. Presidential Nominating Contests,” American Politics Research, Vol 46 (Sep 2018): 811-833.

Josh M. Ryan, “Partisan Dynamics in Presidential Primaries and Campaign Divisiveness,” American Politics Research, Vol 46 (Sep 2018): 834-868.

Scott Clifford, “Reassessing the Structure of Presidential Character,” Electoral Studies, Vol 54 (Aug 2018): 240-247.

Joseph A Vitriol, Aleksander Ksiazkiewics, and Christina E. Farhart, “Implicit candidate traits in the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election: Replicating a dual-process model of candidate evaluations,” Electoral Studies, Vol 54 (Aug 2018): 261-268.

Fred A. Wright and Alec A. Wright, “How Surprising Was Trump’s Victory? Evaluations of the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election and a New Poll Aggregation Model,” Electoral Studies, Vol 54 (Aug 2018): 81-89.

David C. Wilson and Darren W. Davis, “Appraisals of President Obama’s Economic Performance: Racial Resentment and Attributional Responsibility,” Electoral Studies, Vol 55 (Oct 2018): 62-72.

Joy Langston and Guillermo Rosas, “Risky Business: Where Do Presidential Campaigns Visit?” Electoral Studies, Vol 55 (Oct 2018): 120-130.

Judith A. Baer, “Can Feminist Postliberalism Survive the 2016 Election?” Journal of Politics, Vol 80 (July 2018): 751-756.

Seth K. Goldman, “Fear of Gender Favoritism and Vote Choice During the 2008 Presidential Primaries,” Journal of Politics, Vol 80 (July 2018): 786-799.

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American Journal of Political Science

American Political Science Review

American Politics Research

The American Historical Review

Congress and the Presidency

Diplomatic History

Electoral Studies

Journal of American History

Journal of Policy History

Journal of Politics

Political Research Quarterly

Political Science Quarterly


Presidential Studies Quarterly

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Rhetoric and Public Affairs

Social Science Quarterly

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