Presidential Studies Bibliography (2014-present)

The articles are organized into the following broad categories and then subdivided into more specific categories and listed by date. Some articles are cross-listed into multiple categories:

American Political Development

Bureaucracy and Management

The Comparative Presidency


Domestic Policy

The First Lady

Foreign Policy

Individual Presidents

Leadership and Unilateral Power

The Presidency and Congress

The Presidency and the Courts

The Presidency and the Law

The Presidency and Media

The Presidency and Public Opinion

Presidential Campaigns and Elections


Vice Presidency


Recently Added Articles:

Presidential Studies Quarterly Articles from the December 2017 Issue

Presidential Studies Quarterly Articles from the September 2017 Issue

Boris Heersink and Brenton D. Peterson, “Truman Defeats Dewey: The Effect of Campaign Visits on Election Outcomes,” Electoral Studies, Vol 49 (October 2017): 49-64.

David G Haglund, Marco Clementi, and Andrea Locatelli, “Making America Grate Again: The ‘Italianization’ of American Politics and the Future of Transatlantic Relations in the Era of Donald J. Trump,” Political Science Quarterly, Vol 132 (Fall 2017): 495-525.

Sharece Thrower, “To Revoke or Not Revoke? The Political Determinants of Executive Order Longevity,” American Journal of Political Science, Vol 61 (July 2017): 642-656.

Jeffrey St. Onge, “Operation Coffeecup: Ronald Reagan, Rugged Individualism, and the Debate over ‘Socialized Medicine,’” Rhetoric & Public Affairs, Vol 20 (Summer 2017): 223-251.

Lyong Choi, “Human Rights, Popular Protest, and Jimmy Carter’s Plan to Withdraw U.S. Troops from South Korea,” Diplomatic History, Vol 41 (November 2017): 933-958.

Michael W. Sances, “Attribution Errors in Federalist Systems: When Voters Punish the President for Local Tax Increases,” Journal of Politics, Vol 79 (October 2017): 1286-1301.

Andrew Healy and Gabriel S. Lenz, “Presidential Voting and the Local Economy: Evidence from Two Population-Based Data Sets,” Journal of Politics, Vol 79 (October 2017): 1419-1432.


Journals Checked for the Bibliography:

American Journal of Political Science

American Political Science Review

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The American Historical Review

Congress and the Presidency

Diplomatic History

Electoral Studies

Journal of American History

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Presidential Studies Quarterly

Public Opinion Quarterly

Rhetoric and Public Affairs

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Studies in American Political Development