Presidential Studies Bibliography (2014-present)

The articles are organized into the following broad categories and then subdivided into more specific categories and listed by date. Some articles are cross-listed into multiple categories:

American Political Development

Bureaucracy and Management

The Comparative Presidency


Domestic Policy

The First Lady

Foreign Policy

Individual Presidents

Leadership and Unilateral Power

The Presidency and Congress

The Presidency and the Courts

The Presidency and the Law

The Presidency and Media

The Presidency and Public Opinion

Presidential Campaigns and Elections

Presidential Studies Research


Vice Presidency

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Betsy Sinclair, Steven S. Smith, and Patrick D. Tucker, “‘It’s Largely a Rigged System:’ Voter Confidence and the Winner Effect in 2016,” Political Research Quarterly, Vol 71 (Dec 2018): 854-868.

Kerri Milita and John Barry Ryan, “Battleground States and Local Coverage of American Presidential Campaigns,” Political Research Quarterly, Vol 72 (March 2019): 104-116.

Chad P. Kiewiet de Jonge, Gary Langer, and Sofi Sinozich, “Predicting State Presidential Election Results Using National Tracking Polls and Multilevel Regression with Poststratification (MRP),” Political Opinion Quarterly, Vol 82 (Fall 2018): 419-446.

John Craig Hammond, “President, Planter, Politician: James Monroe, the Missouri Crisis, and the Politics of Slavery,” Journal of American History, Vol 105 (March 2019): 843-867.

Vanessa Burrows and Barbara Berney, “Creating Equal Health Opportunity: How the Medical Civil Rights Movement and the Johnson Administration Desegregated U.S. Hospitals.” Journal of American History, Vol 105 (March 2019): 885-911.

Zachary Cahn and Emily M. Johnston, “Clintoncare and Obamacare: Lessons for Gridlock Theory,” Congress & the Presidency, Vol 45 (Fall 2018): 225-253.

Matthew N. Beckmann, “Researching the President’s [Redacted],” Congress & the Presidency, Vol 45 (Fall 2018): 315-329.

Jonathan Knuckey, “‘I Just Don’t Think She Has a Presidential Look’: Sexism and Vote Choice in the 2016 Election,” Social Science Quarterly, Vol 100 (Feb 2019): 342-358.

Clifford Young, Katie Ziemer, and Chris Jackson, “Explaining Trump’s Popular Support: Validation of a Nativism Index,” Social Sciences Quarterly, Vol 100 (April 2019): 412-418.

Nadine S. Gibson and Daron R. Shaw, “Politics as Unusual? Exploring Issues and the 2016 Presidential Vote,” Social Sciences Quarterly, Vol 100 (April 2019): 447-465.

Paul K. Macdonald, “America First? Explaining Continuity and Change in Trump’s Foreign Policy,Political Science Quarterly, Vol 133 (Fall 2018): 401-434.

Peter Harris, “Why Trump Won’t Retrench: The Militarist Redoubt in American Foreign Policy,” Political Science Quarterly, Vol 133 (Winter 2018-19): 611-640.

Alexander Hertel-Fernandez, Matto Mildenberger, and Leah C. Stokes. “Legislative Staff and Representation in Congress,” American Political Science Review, Vol 113 (Feb 2019): 1-18.

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Nazita Lajevardi and Marisa Abrajano, “How Negative Sentiment toward Muslim Americans Predicts Support for Trump in the 2016 Presidential Election,” The Journal of Politics, Vol 114 (Jan 2019): 296-302.

Pablo Montagnes, Zachary Peskowitz, and Joshua McCrain, “Bounding Partisan Approval Rates under Endogenous Partisanship: Why High Presidential Partisan Approval May Not Be What It Seems,” The Journal of Politics, Vol 114 (Jan 2019): 321-326.

Craig Daigle, “Beyond Camp David: Jimmy Carter, Palestinian Self-Determination, and Human Rights,” Diplomatic History, Vol 42 (Nov 2018): 802-830.

Matthew D. Jacobs, “Reformists, Revolutionaries, and Kennedy Administration Public Diplomacy in Colombia and Venezuela,” Diplomatic History, Vol 42 (Nov 2018): 859-885.

Andrew Patrick, “Woodrow Wilson, the Ottomans, and World War I,” Diplomatic History, Vol 42 (Nov 2018): 886-910.

Bjørn F. Stillion Southard, “Abraham Lincoln’s Second Annual Message to Congress and Public Policy Advocacy for African Colonization,” Rhetoric & Public Affairs, Vol 21 (Fall 2018): 387-415.

Donovan Bisbee, “Driving the Three-Horse Team of Government: Kairos in FDR’s Judiciary Fireside Chat,” Rhetoric & Public Affairs, Vol 21 (Fall 2018): 481-521.

Robert G. Boatright, “Retrenchment or Reform? Changes in Primary Election Laws, 1928-70,” Polity, Vol 51 (Jan 2019): 126-16.

Steven White, “Race, Religion, and Obama in Appalachia,” Social Science Quarterly, Vol 100 (Feb 2019): 38-59.

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