Presidential Studies Bibliography (2014-present)

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Domestic Policy

The First Lady

Foreign Policy

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Leadership and Unilateral Power

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Nazita Lajervardi and Marisa Abrajano, “How Negative Sentiment Toward Muslim Americans Predicts Support for Trump in the 2016 Presidential Election.” Journal of Politics, Vol 81 (Jan 2019): 296-302.

Pablo Montagnes, Zachary Peskowitz, and Joshua McCrain, “Bounding Partisan Approval Rates Under Endogenous Partisanship: Why High Presidential Partisan Approval May Not Be What It Seems,” Journal of Politics, Vol 26 (Jan 2019): 321-326.

Weldon C. Matthews, “The Kennedy Administration and Arms Transfers to Ba’thist Iraq,” Diplomatic History, Vol 43 (June 2019): 469-492.

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Eric Paul Svensen, “Structured-Induced Deference or Equal and Coordinate Actor: Congressional Influence on American Foreign Policy,” American Politics Research, 47 Vol (Jan 2019): 88-118.

Harwood K. McClerking, Chryl N. Laird, and Ray Block, Jr., “The Fragility of Racial Transcendence: An Analysis of Oprah Winfrey’s Endorsement of the Barack Obama 2008 Presidential Campaign,” American Politics Research, Vol 47 (March 2019): 304-328.

Scott Clifford, “Reassessing the Structure of Presidential Character,” Electoral Studies, Vol 54 (August 2018): 240-247.

Joseph A.Vitriol, Aleksander Ksiazkiewicz, and Christina E. Farhart, “Implicit candidate traits in the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election: Replicating a dual-process model of candidate evaluations,” Electoral Studies, Vol 54 (August 2018): 261-268.

Dieter Stiers, Jean-François Daoust, and André Blais, “What Makes People Believe That Their Party Won the Election?” Electoral Studies, Vol 55 (October 2018): 21-29.

Joy Langston and Guillermo Rosas, “Risky business: Where Do Presidential Campaigns Visit?” Electoral Studies, Vol 55 (October 2018): 120-130.

David C. Wilson and Darren W. Davis, “Appraisals of President Obama’s Economic Performance: Racial Resentment and Attributional Responsibility,” Electoral Studies, Vol 55 (October 2018): 62-72.

Thomas Juneau, “The Enduring Constraints on Iran’s Power after the Nuclear Deal,” Political Science Quarterly, Vol 139 (Spring 2019): 39-61.

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John A. Dearborn, “The “Proper Organs” for Presidential Representation: A Fresh Look at the Budget and Accounting Act of 1921,” Journal of Policy History, Vol 31 (Jan 2019): 1-41.

Amy Melissa McKay & Brian Webb, “Presidential Position-Taking, Presidential Success, and Interest Group Activity,” Congress & the Presidency, Vol 46 (Spring 2019): 89-108.

Charles M. Lamb, Joshua Boston, and Jacob R. Neiheisel, “Power Plus Persuasion: The Anatomy of Kennedy’s Housing Order,” Congress & the Presidency, Vol 46 (Spring 2019): 109-134.

Mark Kelso, “The President as Legislative Leader: The Use of Veto Power in Environmental Policy Making,” Congress & the Presidency, Vol 46 (Spring 2019): 135-158.

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American Journal of Political Science

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Journal of American History

Journal of Policy History

Journal of Politics

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Political Science Quarterly


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