Presidential Studies Bibliography (2014-present)

The articles are organized into the following broad categories and then subdivided into more specific categories and listed by date. Some articles are cross-listed into multiple categories:

American Political Development

Bureaucracy and Management

The Comparative Presidency


Domestic Policy

The First Lady

Foreign Policy

Individual Presidents

Leadership and Unilateral Power

The Presidency and Congress

The Presidency and the Courts

The Presidency and the Law

The Presidency and Media

The Presidency and Public Opinion

Presidential Campaigns and Elections


Vice Presidency


Recently Added Articles:

Thomas C. Field, Jr., “Transnationalism Meets Empire: The AFL-CIO, Development, and the Private Origins of Kennedy’s Latin American Labor Program,” Diplomatic History, Vol 42 (April 2018): 305-334.

Tyler Esno, “Reagan’s Economic War on the Soviet Union,” Diplomatic Histoy, Vol 42 (April 2018): 281-304.

Andrew Reeves and Jon C. Rogowski, “The Public Cost of Unilateral Action,” American Journal of Political Science, Vol 62 (April 2018): 424-440.

Kathleen Hall Jamieson and Doron Taussig, “Disruption, Demonization, Deliverance, and Norm Destruction: The Rhetorical Signature of Donald J. Trump,” Political Science Quarterly, Vol 132 (Winter 2017-18): 618-649.

Nicholas D. Anderson and Victor D. Cha, “The Case of the Pivot to Asia: System Effects and the Origins of Strategy,” Political Science Quarterly, Vol 132 (Winter 2017-18): 595-617.

Brian F. Schaffner, Matthew MacWilliams, and Tatishe Nteta, “Understanding White Polarization in the 2016 Vote for President: The Sobering Role of Racism and Sexism,” Political Science Quarterly, Vol 133 (Spring 2018): 9-34.

Presidential Studies Quarterly Articles from the June 2018 Issue

Matthew Eshbaugh-Soha and Ronald J. McGauvran, “Presidential Leadership, the News Media, and Income Inequality,” Political Research Quarterly, Vol 71 (Mar. 2018): 157-171.

Paul Chaisty and Svitlana Chernykh, “How Do Minority Presidents Manage Multiparty Coalitions? Identifying and Analyzing the Payoffs to Coalition Parties in Presidential Systems,” Political Research Quarterly, Vol 70 (Dec. 2017): 762-777.

Cristina Bucur, José Antonio Cheibub, “Presidential Partisanship in Government Formation: Do Presidents Favor Their Parties When They Appoint the Prime Minister?” Political Research Quarterly, Vol 70 (Dec. 2017): 803-817.

Nicholas A. Valentino, Carly Wayne, and Marzia Ozeno, “Mobilizing Sexism: The Interaction of Emotion and Gender Attitudes in the 2016 US Presidential Election,” Public Opinion Quarterly, Vol 82 (SI 2018): 213-235.

Markus Prior and Lori D. Bougher, “‘Like They’ve Never, Ever Seen in This Country’? Political Interest and Voter Engagement in 2016,” Public Opinion Quarterly, Vol 82 (SI 2018): 236-256.

Courtney Kennedy , Mark Blumenthal,  Scott Clement,  Joshua D Clinton,  Claire Durand, Charles Franklin,  Kyley McGeeney,  Lee Miringoff,  Kristen Olson,  Douglas Rivers, Lydia Saad,  G Evans Witt,  and Christopher Wlezien, “An Evaluation of the 2016 Election Polls in the United States,” Public Opinion Quarterly, Vol 82 (Spring 2018): 1-33.

Michael Kazin, “An Idol and Once a President: John F. Kennedy at 100,” Journal of American History, Vol 104 (Dec. 2017): 707-726.

Joshua Kennedy, “Agency Characteristics and the Use of Executive Orders,” Vol 45 (Jan. 2018): 89-107.

Journals Checked for the Bibliography:

American Journal of Political Science

American Political Science Review

American Politics Research

The American Historical Review

Congress and the Presidency

Diplomatic History

Electoral Studies

Journal of American History

Journal of Policy History

Journal of Politics

Political Research Quarterly

Political Science Quarterly


Presidential Studies Quarterly

Public Opinion Quarterly

Rhetoric and Public Affairs

Social Science Quarterly

Studies in American Political Development