Presidential Studies Quarterly In the News

Three articles from PSQ were recently mentioned in major news publications.

Christopher Ingraham’s recent piece in the Washington Post explores a March 2017 PSQ article by Barry Edwards, “How the Presidency Changes the President?

Andrew Rudalevige’s recent piece at the Washington Post‘s Monkey Cage blog mentions a March 2013 PSQ article by Matthew Eshbaugh-Soha and Brandon Rottinghaus, “Presidential Position Taking and the Puzzle of Representation.”

Waleed Aly’s recent New York Times piece mentions a September 2008 PSQ article by John Sides, Eric Shickler, and Jack Citrin, “If Everyone Had Voted, Would Bubba and Dubya Have Won?


George C. Edwards III Dissertation Award

The George C. Edwards III Dissertation Award is given for the best dissertation in presidency research completed and accepted during the previous two calendar years. The recipient will receive a $250 award. To be considered for the award, nominees must submit the following documents to each member of the Award Committee: (1) a hard copy of the dissertation, (2) an electronic version of the dissertation (preferably in pdf), and (3) a letter of nomination (from, e.g., the dissertation chair, the department chair).

Nominations are to be submitted by February 1, 2016.

Douglas Kriner, Chair
Boston University
Department of Political Science
232 Bay State Road
Boston MA 02215

Karen Hult
Virginia Tech University
Center for Public Administration & Policy
Thomas-Conner House
104 Draper Road
Blacksburg VA 2406

David Karol
University of Maryland
3140 Tydings Hall
College Park MD 20742
Department of Government & Politics

Past Recipients 


2016 – Rachel Potter,  University of Michigan –  “Writing the Rules of the Game: The Strategic Logic of Agency Rulemaking”

2015 –  Ian Ostrander, Washington University in St. Louis – “Winning the Waiting Game: Senatorial Delay in Executive Nominations”

2013 – John Hudak, Vanderbilt University – “The Politics of Federal Grants: Presidential Influence Over the Distribution of Federal Funds”

2012 – William G. Resh, American University – “Rethinking the Administrative Presidency: Trust, Intellectual Capital, and Appointee-Careerist Relations:

2011 – Amnon Cavari, University of Wisconsin, Madison – “The Party Politics of Presidential Rhetoric

2009 – José Villalobos, Texas A&M University – “Presidential Bureaucratic Management and Policy Making Success in Congress”